Monday, October 18, 2010

San Antone- Part 1

It has been a long dream of my mom's to take a "family trip" ever since grand-kids came into the picture. But for awhile there my sisters took turns spitting out kids about every 6 months ;), so we thought it'd be best to wait until the last baby, Emerson, was a little bit older to enjoy it. My parents had to choose a place where we could go for just a couple of days, that was drivable for 14 people and kid friendly, so San Antone was our best option. A couple of days before the trip my brother's kids all got pretty sick and sadly had to cancel. Here is a ton of pics and recap of our family vacay:

On the way down we stopped at some caverns. This is Drew, me and my sis on the train headed down to the caverns.

My sister's 3 precious boys

Uncle Drew chatting with Mason

Me and Mason
My parents in the caverns

After the caverns we continued our drive and stopped at the famous Salt Lick BBQ to enjoy some delicious Texas BBQ. This is where my first pregnancy craving kicked in. They had these amazing pickle spears there and they placed a huge batch on every table. I think I ate at least 10....I can still taste them, sooo good. My sister even joked "goodness, are you pregnant or something?" I awkwardly laughed knowing I was but hadn't told the fam yet. Not a fan that my biggest pregnancy craving is so cliche but oh well:)

My sister's going to kill me for this one

We arrived at the house my parents had rented for us and after doing some grocery shopping we settled down for some ice cream. My dad and bro-in-law love them some ice cream as you can see:)
That night is when we announced our pregnancy and you can see that video below.
Next up Fiesta Texas.....


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